Rock Physical Therapy permanently closed on September 30, 2022

Morgan Records Management is the custodian of Rock Physical Therapy paper records for service years 2015 through 2018.

To request records:
Website: > Patient Records Request > Request My Medical Records

Direct link to the online form:

• Please call if you have questions 833-888-0061

Please Note:
• There is a nominal processing fee for all medical record requests regardless of who is requesting the records.
• There may be a transition period from the time our practice closes to the time Morgan Records Management has access to our records.
• Morgan Records Management is not the custodian and has no access to your electronic records.

Electronic Medical Records Custodian Vendor (service years 2019-2022):

661 Andersen Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

To request records:

Rock Physical Therapy c/o Sullivan & Company
Attention: Paul Sullivan, 4709 Montgomery Lane, Suite 201, Bethesda, MD 20814

Your written request for record(s) must include your: full legal name, date of birth, phone number, complete home address, service dates and your signature.

Please Note:

• All requests will be processed on the first of each month regardless of the request date, date received or the requestor.
• All electronic record requests are subject to a $75.00 vendor-imposed access fee regardless of who is requesting the records. Additional processing fees may apply.
• Plans of Care (Initial Evaluation, Progress Note(s), Discharge Summary) were sent to your referring physician of record during your active episode(s) of care. Your method of payment for your services may be obtained from your insurance company, HSA provider, bank or credit card company.