How to Prevent Osteoporosis

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How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis affects millions of people all over the world. Bone thinning starts by the time a person reaches the age of 30. It is a natural process and there is no way to stop it completely. The chance of developing osteoporosis does not only depend on how thick or thin the bone is, but also on several other factors such as health and diet. By eating the right food and exercising regularly, you may avoid or delay osteoporosis.

Have a nutritious diet

You need to have a nutritious diet that has enough vitamin D and calcium. These two play essential roles in keeping the bones healthy and strong. Vitamin D helps bones absorb calcium, thereby increasing muscle strength. Vitamin D also reduces the odds of having a fracture. You can get vitamin D from sun exposure as well as from milk and supplements.

Exercise regularly

Exercise improves bone mass and decreases fracture risks. It also helps women in maintaining bone density even after menopause. Since you can develop muscle strength from exercising regularly, you also reduce the chances of falls due to weakness. Exercising three times a week for at least half an hour is a good way to prevent osteoporosis.

Stop smoking

Smoking is never good for your health. Smoking hastens the process of bone loss, which means that you can have osteoporosis early on.

Drink moderately

If you cannot help but drink, be sure to put a limit to the number of drinks you have per day. Women can have 1 alcoholic drink per day while men can have 2 drinks per day.

Be extra careful and prevent falls

Falling increases risks of developing fractures. Implement fall prevention measures such as removing loose items like rugs and electrical cords that can cause slipping and falling. There should also be adequate lighting all over the house and most especially in staircases and entrance ways. Do not walk on surfaces that are slippery and try not to walk on surfaces that are not familiar to you.

Use medications only with the advice of a physician

There are some medications that when taken for a long period of time can promote bone loss. It is important to have your physician monitor your use of these medications so you can decrease or even discontinue your intake when possible. Glucocorticoids, heparin, and some antiepileptic drugs can increase bone loss.
In the event that these methods are not enough to prevent osteoporosis, the best thing you can do is deal with the condition. It does not have to ruin your life. There are a lot of osteoporosis treatments available and you simply need to make a move. Never ignore the problem as it can affect your daily living.
One way to deal with the pain and mobility problems caused by osteoporosis is to see a physical therapist. Patients in Montgomery and Olney who have osteoporosis need to understand that rehabilitation is an essential part in managing the condition and that rehabilitation should involve getting help of an excellent physical therapist.

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