What Physical Therapy Can Do For You

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What Physical Therapy Can Do For You

Body pain is something that almost all of us experience very often. There are countless causes for body pain as there are so many body parts that can be affected by it, but if there is one thing most of us resort to when it comes to pain is medication. For those who have chronic body pain, however, medications may sometimes not work anymore because of the resistance our body has developed.

What we should be aware of is that there is another alternative. Physical therapy may be the best solution for your body pain, especially if it involves your muscles, joints and tendons.

Physical therapy is self-management taught to us by professionals in the field to help us get relief from strains, pains and stresses on our body. It focuses on the recuperation and prevention of injuries. It helps us get back the control of our body through exercise, lifestyle change and some other related activities. Techniques like stretching, balancing, finding the right posture and exercising will help you reduce the tension on your muscles, which means that you and your body may feel better in no time.

Fibromyalgia and Physical Therapy

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome where someone experiences pain the muscles and joints as well as fatigue, anxiety and sometimes, even depression. Women are more prone to this condition than men but statistics show that more than 12 million people in the US have it.

A physical therapist can help you restore health and fitness through the techniques he or she has learned while earning his or her license. Physical therapy involves working with the body and understanding the movement of each joint, muscle or bone so a therapist will get a good understanding of what you need to improve to get rid of the pains you are experiencing. Fibromyalgia does not have a known cure and physical therapy may be your best option to get rid of the pain you experience from it. The therapist will help you reduce the fatigue and stiffness in your body with exercise, deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy and other necessary treatments.

Massage is a common practice in physical therapy. There are many massage styles with varying intensity, movements and techniques that a licensed therapist is experienced with. The benefit of getting a massage from a licensed physical therapist, like those in Rock Physical Therapy in MD, is that you can be sure that every part of your body is handled with great care and in the right way.

Most health insurance companies cover physical therapy. If you are experiencing some discomfort because of a muscle or joint or if you have chronic pain in your back, neck or shoulder, you might want to take advantage of this cover and consult with a physical therapist to see your options. This might just finally relieve you of that annoying back pain or that strained neck you have been complaining about. If you live in Maryland, visit one of our centers to see your best options for physical therapy.

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