The Pain in Spinal Disk Problems

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The Pain in Spinal Disk Problems

Pain signals that something is wrong in your body and those who have spinal disk problems know too well how difficult this medical issue is to deal with. Movements of any type become really hard and the pain becomes worse. However, with the right steps to take, spinal disk problems can be dealt with in better light.

What are spinal disks?

Spinal disks are those found in between the bones in the spinal column. Because they are between vertebral bones, they often called intervertebral disks by health professionals. A disk is circular and flat. Each one is made with membranes that are strong and rubbery. Ligaments that connect the bones in the spine hold together spinal disks as well. There should be very minimal movement possible for these disks. They keep the vertebrae from colliding with each other. During childhood, these disks are gel-like and as we age, it becomes solid and sturdy, but the process also makes the disks prone to damage or injury.

The start of pain

Stress on the disks may cause them to swell. When this happens, the surrounding nerves may be affected, which then causes the pain or spasm we feel. If no proper treatment is done, further damage may result. The more damage there is to the disk, the more pain will be felt. If the nerves surrounding the disk are affected, movement in the arms and legs may cause some extreme discomfort as well. This is a condition more commonly known as herniated disk.

Herniated disks may be caused by a bad injury but its most common cause is aging. Everyday activities like lifting, walking or stretching may be the culprit if these activities are not done with proper care. This should make us think twice about putting too much strain on our bodies especially our backs. Another cause for herniated disk is genetics, which means even if you are careful, if it’s in your family history, you might experience it later on as you grow old.

What could be done

A spinal disk problem is very hard to deal with as it affects everyday activities aside from the excruciating pain it brings. To find out if you have a disk problem, you can ask for an MRI so the health professional can take a photo of your bone and see where the damage is and to what extent it has become. There is also the option of X-ray or CT scan but these tests do not give the clearest view, unless your spinal disk has great damage to it already.

Another thing to do is to get therapy. Rock Physical Therapy in Maryland offers this kind of treatment because it can lessen the pain and the stress from a herniated disk. If proper care is given, the problem may even be fixed. If not, a disk replacement or surgery may be necessary.

There may be other causes to the pain you are experiencing your back. The best way to start dealing with it is to get diagnosed properly so you know which step to take next. Don’t wait for the problem to be aggravated even more. As soon as you think or suspect that you have a spinal disk problem, seek professional help.

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