All About Orthopedics

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The word orthopedic means anything having to do with the muscles in your body and your skeleton. Orthopedic physical therapy is a special form of physical therapy that has been specially designed to treat disorders that affect these systems. As you can imagine, this branch of physical therapy and medicine covers a wide range of issues and treatments. 

If you are suffering pain or swelling in your muscles or joints, this could be due to a lot of different issues. There are chronic problems like arthritis and minor injuries you might have sustained that you didn’t even know when they happened.  Visiting a physical therapist is the best way to diagnose what is specifically bothering you and work out a treatment plan that will address both the issues of pain and help you strengthen your muscles to get through the day without issue. 

Fibromyalgia, recovering from surgery, and strenuous physical activity are all causes of orthopedic problems. Physical therapists will sometimes use sonograms to aide in the diagnosis of conditions. They also have a variety of ways to help with pain such as ice and heat treatments, stretches, and more. Once a therapist has determined what is causing your pain and discomfort they will work with you to develop a program of specific exercises, massages, and other therapeutic techniques to help restore your mobility and flexibility. By strengthening muscles that are nearby muscles or bones that are experiencing problems, your body will adapt and give those “problem areas” time to heal.

Whether you have been through an operation as traumatic as hip or joint surgery, or you are recovering from a small bone fracture, physical therapists help you to regain your strength and retrain your muscles to start working with your new condition. They also might use a combination of massage or hydrotherapy to both relieve your stress, aiding your both physically and psychologically. Getting over a major surgery or chronic pain can cause mood swings and generally bad outlook on life. Physical therapists will not only treat you physically, but also help you to get back to your old self and living your life without orthopedic problems standing in your way.

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