What to do After a Knee Surgery

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What to do After a Knee Surgery


After a traumatic surgery, like knee surgery, you will be scheduled with appointments with physical therapists to help you regain your mobility and lessen the pain as your knee heals. But there is more that you can do in preparation and immediately afterwards to make your life easier before and in between visits to the physical therapists office.


The main thing to consider is your daily routine and the things that will be more difficult now that you have a mobility issue. Errands, bathing, eating, and even getting to the restroom could all be normal activities that suddenly require aid from others or careful planning.


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Make sure that you have a bathroom on the same floor as where you will be spending your days after surgery. It’s also a good idea to stock up on supplies for the bathroom and kitchen. Get everything you might need out of the cupboards and onto the counters to make sure that you can reach them without the help of a step ladder.


Some other supplies that you might want to purchase in preparation for your recovery include a shower sponge with a handle to help reduce the amount of bending over you have to do, crutches, a shoehorn, and a sock aid.


Your physical therapist will also have lots of great advice and tips on how to slightly adjust your life during the recovery process. So take the time to contact them before your surgery and make a plan for how you will get around your house just after surgery.

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