What Knee Pain Could Mean

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knee pain - runner injuryKnee pain is one of the most common conditions that patients complain to their doctors these days. However, not all kinds of pain that is felt in this body require a doctor’s attention. So the question is, when do you see a doctor if you feel knee pain? Well, here are some helpful points that may guide you.


When to See a Doctor

  • If you have a history of knee injury that is recurring, then you should definitely see your doctor for that.
  • If the pain you feel persists even after you have undergone a week’s worth of therapy and taken over-the-counter inflammatory pain medicines.
  • If you have a newly acquired knee injury that is not disabling but the pain is unbearable.

These points however, are just guides. It is still up to you when you should seek the assistance of a doctor. Some pain may be bearable but are already leading to serious cases of knee injury. If you want to be sure, then go ahead and call your good doctor.


When to Go to the Hospital

If you feel knee pain and you cannot put your weight on that knee, then you should consider going to the emergency room to be assessed right away. If you feel this way, then it is possible that you have a fracture. This situation should not be taken lightly as it can lead to a more serious case. Most types of fractures may need immobilization in a specific position or surgery. If you get feverish, then it is best that you see a doctor right away as it may mean infection on the injured area. Understandably, unbearable pain, puncture wounds and swelling are more than enough reasons for you to immediately go to the hospital.


Get a Proper Diagnosis

You may say that doctors are still a bit old-fashioned because they still rely on detailed history of physical exams. Even if they are surrounded with high-end products of technology, doctors still find a single test insufficient to know the exact nature of knee pain. So do not be alarmed or shocked if they ask you a series of questions during your appointment. The questions may include:

  • Where in the knee is your pain?
  • What does the pain feel like?
  • How long have you felt the pain?
  • Has it happened before?
  • What makes it better or worse?
  • Have you been limping?
  • Does the knee pain wake you up all night?
  • Have you had any major medical problems before?
  • How active is your lifestyle?

And many, many more.

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