Getting The Most out of your Joint replacement

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Getting The Most out of your Joint replacement

Orthopedic surgeons will sometimes choose to replace part, or all of a joint that has been damaged. Hips, shoulders, and knees are the most common sources of pain and loss of mobility that doctors will attempt to fix. But, having this surgery is not enough.

Joint replacement procedures become more and more common every year, but the difficulty of adjusting to a new joint remains a long, involved process. Working with a dedicated physical therapist is the best way to learn how to successfully get the most mobility out of your new joint.

What Physical Therapy Offers

Physical therapy programs include resistance exercises and stretching to help your adjustment after a difficult procedure. In addition, weight training and treadmill exercises will help get your strength back allowing you to get the most out of your replacement.

A Specific Program for You

The pain after a joint replacement can keep you from doing the things you love or keep you awake at night. A physical therapy program tailored to you and your specific circumstances, whether it was a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement, will help get you back on track and ease the pain.

Licensed physical therapists are ready to develop the right program for you, helping you to get back to living your life and stop worrying about the difficulties of joint pain.

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