Ergonomic Assessment of the Workplace

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Ergonomic Assessment of the Workplace

Day to day job requirements often take a toll on our bodies. Over time, the effects may become risky to our health and this is why it is essential to make sure that your workstation is ergonomically assessed by a licensed physical therapist.

An ergonomic assessment evaluates your workstation in a way to see if it is optimally designed to lessen the stress of your daily work tasks on your body. For example, this includes making sure that your computer keyboard is placed at the best level to prevent wrist and elbow strain. Ergonomic assessment also includes understanding the things you do daily and how you perform those tasks so that recommendations can be made.

 Why is Ergonomic Assessment Important?

Acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems are becoming more and more rampant because of the strains of daily tasks at work. If you work on a computer the whole day, you are prone to problems on your posture as well as your arms and hands. You may think that your staying at your desk the whole day is boring and tiring but problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, cervical and lumbar disorders and trigger finger could actually arise. Being aware of these dangers can help you or your employees prevent risks that can be eliminated by ergonomically designed workstations.

When choosing a professional to do this, health care providers should have the experience. Someone with a background in physical therapy, occupational therapy or athletic training will have the experience and knowledge on how to ergonomically assess your workstation. There should be more to your design of the workplace than aesthetics.

The professional who will assess your workstation will look at your posture in general as well as the risk factors you face. Environmental factors and repetitious movements and forces can put a strain on your body from the neck down to your feet. You may think that working on a computer only affects your hands, arms and back but those connections in your body may lead to your feet getting affected as well. If you are exposed to daily tasks that you have to do for a full 8 hours a day or even more, you know how a headache can lead to more problems, how a toothache can make you totally dysfunctional and how a strain on your shoulder could travel all the way down to your hip. These problems are easy to prevent. You don’t have to look for another job. You just have to improve your desk so that your body will not have to suffer the consequences of your repetitive tasks.

Ergonomic assessments are simple but should be done by professionals. Simple adjustments to your sitting position or the height of your chair or table can do a lot to prevent physical health problems. It is very possible to improve productivity while decreasing risks for you or your employees. A professional will make this possible by simply ergonomically redesigning your workspace.

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