Brain Attack: The Dangers of Stroke

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Brain Attack: The Dangers of Stroke

Due to a rapid loss of air supply in the brain, a stroke happens, which affects brain functions drastically. There are several effects of stroke that include inability to see on one eye, inability to move limbs and inability to speak coherently. These functions are lost because of the lack of oxygen in the brain that causes the loss of nutrients, which then results to brain damage.

Because it can cause permanent neurological damage or even death, a stroke, as a medical emergency, needs immediate attention. In Maryland, the prevalence of stroke is higher for those aged over 65 for at least two times higher than those aged 55 to 64. Unfortunately, a stroke can actually happen to anyone at any age. A study showed that stroke is the third leading cause of death in MD. With this alarming truth, Maryland residents have to understand this disease and find ways to prevent it.

Types of Stroke

There are 2 main types of stroke. One is the ischemic stroke, which is a stroke that results from a blockage like a clot in the blood vessel. The other is called hemorrhagic stroke that occurs a vessel bursts or when there is bleeding between the area of the brain and the skull.

The good news is that a good percentage of people who suffer from stroke make great recovery within a month. However, it is important to realize that stroke victims may have long-term problems such as slurred speech or inability to move one part of the body. It could take months or even years to recover, if they ever will.

A stroke may have different effects on different people because the damage depends on what part of the brain is affected. Someone who has suffered a stroke may lose some bodily functions and learning abilities. A stroke could also result in being unable to process thoughts and communicate. For some, therapy is a great deal of help to get some functions back to normal.

If you think someone near you is suffering from a stroke, do a quick test and seek for medical attention immediately. To lessen the damage to the victim, you have to act FAST.

Check for Facial weakness. If the person is unable to smile or is feeling some numbness in one part of the face, a stroke may be happening or may have already happened.

Check for Arm weakness. Ask the person to raise both arms. If he or she cannot do so, he or she is at risk of stroke.

Check Speech ability. To check this, ask the person to say a complete sentence. If he or she cannot coherently create one, his or her speech ability may already be starting to get affected.
Time to call for help. These steps should be done very quickly and if you see that one or two of the signs of stroke are present, immediately call 911. The faster you act, the better the chances of lessening the brain damage happening to the victim.

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